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KOFIE™ is a design strategy firm that is client-centred. We answer critical questions to develop ideas, concepts and systems to live out and project experiences that resonate with clients’ businesses to help achieve growth and transformation. We provide the best design experience for our clients to aid in creating a substantial economic value.

We believe that design is a valuable and strategic asset that drives the overall business performance of organizations and ventures. For this reason, we assist our clients to realize the emergence of Business and Design using Strategy powered by Technology as a means to solve real problems.


At our core is a desire for PROGRESS & EXCELLENCE. We believe that every business should strive for progress and excellence. Progress to us is a continuous process of improving the human condition. With this comes complexity, and such, we create a system of order which pushes for simplicity and professionalism to bring stability.

“Love as the principle and order as the basis; progress the goal”

Likewise, to us, Excellence is a process which involves:
  • Innovation & Learning
  • Experimentation, Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Focus & Dedication
  • Communication & Respect
Hence, progressive excellence is a process of reaching perfected growth which is encapsulated in our mantra. MANTRA: Think • Design • Lead


To provide strategic design growth direction for businesses and organizations to fully equip them to reach an unrivalled edge in building strong worth and real business value even outside Africa.


Our mission is to create an advantage for businesses and organizations to attain such high levels of design value par excellence leading to growth and transformation in their respective industries.


We are designing a new way of working which isn't only economically viable but impacts lives. We want to reimagine the world of work.


We are DEEP: Developing Empathy; Embracing People. The essence of DEEP is relationship. One belief we try to imbibe in our team at KOFIE™ is empathy. Empathy to the very core is love for the client; thinking of the best possible solutions to clients’ need. And that will only happen when the team appreciates, understands and values fellow team members.


We strongly believe in the saying, “there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” We consider IDEAS to be a compelling factor in our design journey. We are stimulated and propelled by new ideas. New ideas to us are like seeds, we cannot tell their potential until they live out their lifecycle. And we find this experience to be exciting and invigorating.


Our Specialties; We make things happen by providing these key procedural deliverables.


Research, Proposals,
Guides & Manuals.


Images, Videos, Software


Augmented Reality


Workshop, Courses &
Capacity Building


We believe that deeply rooted in the struggles of any business is the absence of good design.
“Good design is good business.”
The sustainability of every business depends on the implementation of design at any level of that business. We consider Design to be a key differentiator in the growth and transformation of any company. With this in mind, KOFIE™ with our expertise, positions ourselves as a facilitator for design in the businesses of our clients to help them realize the full potential and power that design has in transforming and changing the state of their business that goes beyond customer expectation.

What we do?

At KOFIE™, we provide a comprehensive design solution experience to our clients. We explore a wide array of design facets that makes us better suited for all client needs.
The solutions provided at KOFIE™ helps our clients better make informed decisions and strategic choices for the growth of their businesses.

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